Our Mission

We hand make our products with natural ingredients to provide our customers with a natural approach to body care. Our ingrediets are safe and sustainable, and each product is carefully crafted to ensure you receive quality and have a pleasurable experience.

About Us

The Spiritual Affinity’s origination was conceived from a daily practice of holistic self-care. Maneuvering throughout our daily lives can be very taxing on our mental, physical, and spiritual health and can weaken our divine connections. One way for me to maintain a balance was by detoxing internally through diet and externally through relaxing baths and showers. As I began to learn more about the healing properties of plants and herbs, I began incorporating them into my diet and body care routine. There was definitely a positive transition in how my body responded to the ingredients versus the skin issues I was facing using the harsh, chemical heavy detergent soaps in stores. The ingredients in our products are natural, plant based and specifically selected for their properties in cleansing and nourishing the body. Our products support all skin types. We do not use synthetic fragrances and oils or other additives and chemicals that may be toxic. Our products are created in small batches and are a labor of love from my family to yours. Realign your mind, body and spirit with

The Spiritual Affinity.

Much love, peace, and blessings,

Dee Williams

Founder, Owner

The Spiritual Affinity